Strategic Emerging Industries and Industrial Clusters in Guangdong Province

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  During the period of 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong continues to cultivate and strengthen the new generation of information technology industry and develop industries related to biology, high-end equipment and new materials, green and low-carbon economy and digital creativity into mainstay industries, with a series of advantages including great development basis, industrial accumulation effect, complete facilities, favorable investment environment.

  The prioritized industries in Guangdong province include two parts. First, the industries under the item of “encouraged” specified in the “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2011) (Amendment)” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2013 are highly valued. The newly revised “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue” shall prevail. Second, the key technologies, equipment and products which require policy support and encouragement as stipulated in the documents of the provincial party committee and the provincial government are also included, for they are conducive to resource conservation, environmental protection, industrial structural optimization and upgrading.

  (I) New Generation of Information Technology Industry

  Grasping the new trend, including the comprehensive integration of the new generation of information technology industry with all the other industries, and the accelerated development of intelligence and all-round competition of industrial ecosystems,, Guangdong carries out the “Internet+” program, the big data strategy and the strategy of strengthening the province through Internet development to further the construction of “Digitalized Guangdong”, by establishing a new generation of information technology industrial system--a green, intelligent, secure and reliable system where all things are inter-connected and which will serve as the major force in leading Guangdong’s scientific innovation and boosting its economic and social transition.  

  During the period of 13th Five-year Plan, it is necessary to seize the opportunities from the fifth generation mobile communications (5G) as well as the development of the next generation IPv6 to promote the research, manufacturing and industrialization of key products such as chips, terminals, system devices and software that are based on 5G and are capable to meet the IPv6 specification, to actively cultivate the service industry related to information and content, and to make a breakthrough in the core technology of the next generation broadband network which puts its focus on optical communications. Support is to be given to the construction of new generation wireless base stations thus to provide a basis for the commercial launch of 5G. Centering around the key fields of intelligent terminals, automotive electronics, industrial control and communications device, Guangdong will strengthen the R&D and design of high-performance general chips as well as professional chips to build a larger and more competitive industry of integrated circuits. Focus will also be given to the development of new information transmission service industry based on the new generation mobile communications and the next generation Internet to accelerate the growth of value-added services related to new communications. Meanwhile, efforts will be made to have breakthroughs in such key technologies as the storage and processing of large collections of data, data mining and cleansing and access control, to establish visual platforms of big data, and to support the development of big data related hardware and software products which support big data. Also, Guangdong will speed up the development of basic software with independent intellectual property rights including the operating systems, databases, distributed system software and of application software including natural speech processing, information security, and machine translation. By integrating Internet, Cloud computing, big data, “Internet of Things” with all the other industries, the province will cultivate a new model of economic growth that is networked and intelligent.

  The new generation of information technology industries included into priority development scope include optical lens, photoelectric components, photoelectric display, optical input/output, optical storage, optical communication, laser and manufacturing equipment for photoelectric products; manufacturing equipment for new flat panel display device; ultra-high definition (4K and above) display technology and products, new display technologies and products like printing display materials, equipment, devices, laser, LED, quantum dot, flexible production, and 3D display, etc.; AI technology and products; core products of IoT including smart sensors, M2M chip (machine to machine), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, NB-IOT (mobile Internet) base stations and network equipment; 3D printing of micro-nano circuits; R&D and manufacturing of key equipment for next generation mobile communications (5G and above); R&D and manufacturing of dedicated base stations such as High-speed Railway, subways and highways, vehicle routers, and specialized test instruments, etc. 

  (II) Biology Industry

  Guangdong Province makes further efforts on the technological base for the innovative development of biology industry and accelerates the application of new technologies including gene tests, regenerative medicine, molecular breeding, bio-based materials and biomass energy thus to move towards industrialization. Guangdong strives to make the output value of the biology industry across Guangdong exceed 600 billion yuan by 2020.

  During the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong Province will develop the advanced technologies such as high-throughput sequencing, gene editing, gene synthesis, and cell therapy, with an accurate understanding of the development trend of medical model, it will develop innovative protein and antibody medicines and quality consistency evaluation for generic drugs, and it will develop new-type vaccines including therapeutic vaccines and recombinant vaccines and the R&D of innovative marine drugs. At the same time, it will commit itself to the innovation and industrialization of the medical instruments related to the repair of tissues and organs, replacement materials, and implant (interventional) materials. Guangdong will speed up stem cell technology and speed up the development of regenerative medicine, medical bionics, and tissue engineering. Given the demands for tests for major contagious diseases, genetic diseases, and prenatal screening, the province is to quicken the development of new products such as instruments, devices, and reagents for the purpose of in-vitro diagnosis, promote the technology of highly specific molecular diagnosis and bio-chips. The tuberculosis (TB) scientific research and achievements transformation center as well as a tuberculosis biological sample repository and a big data base for biological information will be set up in Guangdong. Guangdong will develop techniques and products concerning photon, proton, and heavy-ion treatments and medical devices including high-end medical treatment equipment, and high-throughput sequencers, encourage professional third-party service related to gene tests, genetic data interpretation, liquid biopsy and traditional Chinese medicine tests, and boost the new models of precision medicine and personalized medicine.

  The biomedical industries included into priority development scope include: R&D and manufacturing of new vaccines such as therapeutic vaccines and recombinant vaccines; R&D and manufacturing of bio-innovative drugs; R&D and manufacturing of high-end medical devices and instruments such as imaging equipment, radiotherapy equipment, and rehabilitation equipment; R&D and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) equipment such as biochemical detection equipment, fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay, mobile medical equipment such as wearable and remote diagnosis equipment, and implanted interventional medical products; R&D and application of high specific molecular diagnosis and bio-chip technology; development and manufacturing of new biological breeding, bio-pesticide and bio-veterinary drug; development and application of high-throughput gene sequencer, gene editing, molecular design, cell mutagenesis and other key technologies and products; R&D and application of cell therapy technologies and products; R&D and application of green prevention and control technology against forestry pest disaster; deep processing and development and utilization of Chinese herbal medicines; development and manufacturing of new resource pharmaceutical raw materials; deep processing of natural plant extracts, development and manufacturing of health and wellness products and derivative products.

  (III) Industry of High-end Equipment and New Materials

  Following the development trend of a smarter, greener, service-oriented, and more internationalized manufacturing industry, Guangdong, integrating all parts of R&D, manufacturing and application, will make a breakthrough in key technologies, materials, and core components, will further apply key equipment and systems through engineering and industrialized approaches, and will construct high-end manufacturing industry covering R&D design, manufacturing and technical services. The entire province aims to get the industrial output value of high-end equipment and new materials above 1 trillion yuan by 2020.  

  High-end equipment industry: During the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong will focus on promoting the development of key fields concerning smart manufacturing, aviation industry, satellite application industry, rail transit equipment and marine engineering equipment, thus to strengthen its capacity of independent R&D and boost relevant industries for the establishment of a complete industrial supporting system.

  Guangdong will prioritize the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industries: high-precision CNC machine tools, machine tools, high-end instrumentation, additive manufacturing equipment, intelligent sensing and controlling equipment, intelligent testing and assembly equipment, intelligent logistics and warehousing equipment; high-end complete equipment sets, machines and key systems, core components; two arms cooperation, human-machine cooperative robots, fire rescue, surgery, public services, nursing and other high-end service robots, decelerator, high-performance servo motor, driver, controller and other key components of robots; EMU, urban rail trains, trams and key systems, core components, magnetic levitation, vacuum pipelines and other rail transit technologies and related equipment; rail transit on-site laser additive direct repair equipment; high-performance agricultural machinery and diesel engines, gearboxes, high-end key systems and core components such as hydraulic components; development and manufacturing of seaplanes, drones, ground effect aircraft and components and high-precision measuring antennas, high-performance navigation basebands, high-resolution sensors, high-precision satellite mapping terminals devices.

  Industry of new materials: During the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong will further transform and upgrade the advanced industry of basic materials, as a response to the trend of new material technology emerging as a green technology with high performance, multi-purpose. Centering on the demands for the development of key industries such as information technology, bioscience, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy automobile, it will emphasize the development of high-performance fiber and composites including high-performance carbon fiber and aramid fiber, rare earth functional materials such as high-performance permanent magnets, high efficient luminescence, and high-end catalytic materials, high-performance ceramic materials, wide bandgap semiconductor and new-type display materials, energy-saving eco-friendly materials that are degradable and renewable, as well as power battery materials, high-end special alloy alternatives as well as new energy materials. As a result, material yield and performance stability will be improved and industrialized and large-scare application will be achieved, and the province will enter the global supply system of high-end manufacturing. Following the trend of the integration of new material technology with information technology, nanotechnology and smart technology, Guangdong will be committed to the development of the additive manufacturing materials concerning graphene, metals and high molecule, and of strategic frontier materials including smart biomimetic materials, meta-materials and new-type low-temperature superconducting materials.

  Guangdong will prioritize the development of new material industries: biomedical materials; advanced composites such as high-performance fiber materials, high-end industrial textile materials, high-performance battery materials, and semiconductor materials; advanced metal materials such as high-end steel, special alloys, and high-end rare earth functional materials; high-performance ceramic materials, advanced inorganic non-metallic materials such as graphene; green man-made fiber sheets; research and development and manufacturing of new functional materials and metamaterials; olefins, aromatics and their deep processing; high-end special chemicals, high-performance engineering plastics and resins; high explosive materials and devices.  

  (IV) Green and Low-carbon Industry

  Upholding the idea of green and low-carbon development, Guangdong focuses on the innovation and application of green and low-carbon technology to promote green consumption, green products, more extensive application of new energy, therefore comprehensively establishing an industrial system that is high-efficient, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, and recycling. The industrial output value of the entire province is expected to surpass 800 billion yuan by 2020.

  During the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong will accelerate the development of electricity efficiently transformed from nuclear power, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, wind power, efficient energy storage, and distributed energy resources, and produce more economical products of new energy, thus to promote the green energy. Rapid achievements will be made in new energy vehicles by improving their performance and technological level, furthering the R&D of blade electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid vehicles, and extended-range electric vehicles, encouraging special-purpose electric automobiles, and short-distance BEV and boosting the R&D of power battery technology and the relevant components of vehicles. Guangdong will pay great attention to the energy-efficient industry, encourage the R&D of general equipment, including energy-efficient industrial boilers (furnaces), motor systems and distribution transformers, as well as the energy-saving equipment (products) such as green lighting, green construction materials and energy-efficient home appliances.

  Guangdong will prioritize the development of green low-carbon industries: R&D and manufacturing of electric vehicles and their key components, new batteries such as solid-state batteries, pneumatic cell, and sodium-sulfur batteries; intelligent networked vehicles, intelligent road networks and their key systems, equipment and components; manufacturing of fuel cell, hydrogen energy equipment and its key components; development of biomass heating technology and equipment manufacturing; energy-saving monitoring and online monitoring technology on energy consumption and equipment development and manufacturing; mechanical product remanufacturing non-destructive testing , green and efficient cleaning, automated surface and volume repair technology and equipment research and development and manufacturing; environmentally-friendly furniture, tailor-made furniture, health care and other environmentally friendly multifunctional furniture; waste wood, wood furniture, urban greening and wood trimmings, development and application of rural forest harvesting residue recovery system construction and recycling technology; R&D and application of agricultural green recycling low carbon production and agricultural waste resource utilization technology.

  (V) Digital Creative Industry

  During the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong will give full play to the technological strengths in the fields of big data, IoT, and artificial intelligence to develop technologies and equipment concerning digital cultural creativity, further promote the application of digital creativity in such areas as e-commerce, virtual reality, medical care and educational services, and to cultivate a new atmosphere where a larger number of new products and services are produced and all elements are combined, thus creating a no-boundary digital creative industry.

  Digital & culture creativity industry will be promoted by speeding up the innovative development of core technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic imaging, naked-eye 3-dimensional image display (naked-eye 3D), interactive entertainment engines, digital processing of cultural resources and interactive film and television and the application of big data, IoT and artificial intelligence in digital cultural creation and creativity. Such supporting equipment and platforms will be researched and developed as ultra-performance cinemas, mixed reality entertainment, and the combined production and broadcasting of radio, film and television, with a view to expand new consumption areas. Also, the government will coordinate the innovative development of design services with modern manufacturing, service industry, urban-rural construction, environment and ecosystem, and cultural creativity, support the study on industrial design application which is based on new technology, new process, new equipment, new materials, and new demands, and support the new standards and new models of industrial design based on smart and customized manufacturing. The application of digital creativity will be further promoted in e-commerce and social network, while new marketing models will be developed, virtual reality shopping and e-commerce through social media, for instance. Its application in education will be developed by uplifting the creativity level of study contents, developing educational products of digital culture, and making the most of public information resources.

  We will prioritize digital economy industries: big data product development and application services, cloud computing technology research and development and application services; data acquisition products, big data all-in-one machine and other big data hardware product development and manufacturing; virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic imaging, naked-eye three-dimensional visualization (naked eye 3D), interactive entertainment engine, digital processing of cultural resources, interactive video and other core technology development and key equipment manufacturing; extrasensory theater, mixed reality entertainment, radio and television fusion media production and other supporting equipment and platform development and manufacturing; digital (information) water conservancy technology development and application; the building of flood control forecasting and early warning system at rural grassroots.

  (VI) Strategic Industry

  During the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, Guangdong Province plans to boost strategic industries, namely, aerospace and marine industries, future internet, life science and nuclear technology, on the strength of its industrial basis and innovative capacity.

  1) Aerospace and marine industries. Space exploration research will be performed and the research capacity will be strengthened in terms of deep-space detection, basic space physics, and space utilization. The government will accelerate the research and manufacturing of micro-satellites related to remote sensing, video, hyper-spectrum, radar and speed up the space application of micro-satellites. The local government will research and develop new-type aeronautical equipment, including new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Meanwhile, it will pay close attentions to the developing trend of international marine technology and industry, meaning that in such areas as natural gas hydrate (combustible ice), the exploration and development of deep-sea minerals, algal biomass energy, ocean carbon sink, comprehensive use of seawater, and development of islands and reefs, Guangdong will study and develop the key technologies concerning the use of marine resources and industrialize their application.

  We will prioritize the development of maritime economy industries: R&D and manufacturing of marine function products; establishment of resource bank for major aquaculture species and germplasms in South China Sea and the innovative utilization of the germplasms; exploration and exploitation of natural gas hydrates and drilling and mining vessels, geophysical prospecting equipment, survey sampling equipment, test mining equipment, mining equipment, storage and transportation facilities and ancillary equipment; key equipment for offshore oil and gas exploration and development; offshore wind power exploration, installation, construction and maintenance equipment manufacturing, offshore wind power information statistics system construction; underwater wireless communication systems and equipment, multi-beam underwater acoustic detection system, ADCP flow measurement system, underwater acoustic positioning system, inertial navigation system, laser radar, multi-sensor system integration technology; large-scale marine structures design and development, ocean work support equipment; maritime automated assembly inspection, key components of maritime intelligent equipment; high-power marine diesel engine and other power systems and core components.

  2)Future information network. The local government will construct the pilot infrastructure of future network, and solve the scientific and technical problems related to the development of future network and information system, thus providing necessary experimental conditions for research on space network, optical network and quantum network. Guangdong is also committed to the R&D of the key technologies of quantum chips, quantum programming, quantum software and the manufacturing of the relevant materials and equipment, to the R&D of brain-like chips, superconducting chips and the storage of graphene, and to the R&D of microelectronic technique in the post-Moore’s Law era.

  3) Life science. Guangdong will implement major scientific and technological projects of medicine and stem cells, accelerate the R&D of somatic cell reprogramming, and explore the new technology used to obtain functioning cells, thus to establish a new medical model based on stem cells and regeneration technology. Through major platforms such as China National Gene Bank (CNGB), Guangdong will establish a system with independent intellectual property rights for the R&D and application of genome editing. Breakthroughs will be made in artificial gene synthesis, bio-system design and artificial biological control, in order to boost the R&D of synthetic biology.  

  4)Nuclear technology. Reliant on major scientific and technological infrastructure such as spallation neutron source, accelerator-driven transmutation research device, strong current heavy ion accelerator, the government will make the multidisciplinary research on neutron scattering, the frontier scientific research on heavy ion as well as the research on nuclear waste transmutation, and continue to apply nuclear technology in the fields, that is, industry, agriculture, health and medical care, environmental protection, resources exploration, and public security. In addition, aiming at fastening the development of new generation nuclear equipment, it will further promote the experimental verification of new nuclear power system of lead-cooled fast reactor (LFR) and thorium molten salt reactor (TMSR) and the construction of experimental reactors.

  (VII) Emerging Industrial Clusters

Emerging Industrial Clusters

Industrial cluster of

Locality/Contents of construction

Key contents of development

New generation communications

Develop New Generation Communications Equipment and Terminal Industrial Bases in Guangzhou and Shenzhen and Industrial Base for New Generation Information and Communications in Shenzhen.

Strengthen the R&D and high-end manufacturing of international communications equipment, reinforce the R&D of wireless broadband communications, voice, data and multimedia, and improve the equipment and terminals of new generation communications and the supporting product systems.

IoT and cloud computing

Develop Bases for IoT and Cloud Computing in Foshan and Terminals of IoT and Application Industrial Base in Huizhou.

Emphasize the development of the IoT industry featuring radio frequency identification, and further apply the technologies in the areas of internet of cars, smart information terminals, food traceability and security regulation and in livelihood projects such as smart families and smart medical care.

New-type display

Develop Industrial Bases for New-type display in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, and Huizhou.

Continue to enhance the capacity to produce display panels from the assembly above 6th generation, and promote the R&D and industrialization of new-type display technologies including AMOLED, flexible display, 3D display, laser display, curved display, see-through display, and holographic display.

Biological medicine

Develop National Biological Industrial Bases in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Health and Medicine Industrial Park of New and High-tech Development Zone in Foshan, National Health Science and Technology Industrial Base in Zhongshan, Biological Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park in Zhuhai, and Cross-Strait Industrial Cooperation Base for Biological Technology in Dongguan.

Put emphasis on the development of innovative medicine and high-performance medical instruments.

Smart manufacturing

Develop Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Bases in Shantou, Jieyang, and the Pearl River Delta Region.

Promote the R & D and industrialization of such smart equipment as sensors, automatic control systems, industrial robots, servo and actuator components and develop high precision CNC machine tools, intelligent production lines, intelligent factories.

General aviation

Develop National New and High-tech Industrial Base for Aerospace Industry in Zhuhai.

Develop general aviation manufacturing, general aviation operation and supporting service industry.

Rail transit equipment

Develop Rail Transit Equipment Industrial Base, National Engineering Laboratory of Urban Rail Transit System Security and Maintenance in Jiangmen.

Boost the R & D and production of key components related to inter-city and urban rail transit systems, engine systems, braking system, and bogies.

Ocean engineering equipment

Develop National Marine New and High-tech Industrial Base in Guangzhou.

Construct drilling platforms and infrastructure of offshore oil and gas fields, develop shipbuilding industry, and machine manufacturing related to port logistics, and speed up the serialization of main equipment and the development of new-type ocean engineering equipment.

New materials

Develop National New and High-tech Industrial Base for New Material Industry in Guangzhou, 15 State-level Industrial Bases for Distinctive Materials including new materials from Foshan, fine chemicals from Zhongshan, and gold materials from Zhaoqing, and 32 Provincial-level Industrial Bases for Distinctive Materials.

Focus on the development of modified plastics, high-performance carbon fiber, degradable materials, nuclear grade zirconium and high-performance metal materials.

New energy vehicles

Develop Industrial Clusters of New Energy Vehicles in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan, and Shanwei.

Develop new energy automobiles and key components and materials such as batteries, electric motors, and electrical control.

Wind power equipment

Promote the establishment of Wind Power Equipment Industrial Projects in Yangjiang.

Emphasize the R&D of fan engines above 5 MW and gearbox and techniques and products including generators, control systems, storage batteries.

Solar photovoltaic equipment

Develop Industrial Bases for Solar Photovoltaic Equipment in Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhongshan, and Heyuan.

Conduct the R&D of highly efficient silicon, thin film solar cells and components and inverters with high conversion efficiency.

Semiconductor lighting

Develop Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Bases in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Huizhou, Zhongshan, and Qingyuan.

Focus on the development of advanced semiconductor materials, components and high-end special-purposed equipment such as gallium nitride, substrate material, silicon carbide epitaxial material, ZnO transparent conductive thin film material, indium gallium zinc oxide transparent film.

Environmental protection

Develop Industrial Cluster of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Industry in Guangzhou Development Zone, South China Cluster of National Environment Service Industry in Nanhai District, Foshan, Environmental Protection Industrial Park of INFORE Environment Technology Group in Shunde District, and Environmental Protection Industrial Park of TUSCITY GROUP in Zhaoqing.

Develop environmental monitoring equipment, special equipment for water treatment, waste gas treatment equipment, solid waste treatment equipment as well as system integration, environmental technology research and incubation base.

Satellite application

Develop Guangdong BeiDou Navigation Industry Base (Guangzhou).

Apply in a large scale Beidou Navigation Satellite System and compatible navigation and timing technology and products in the areas including energy (electric power), communications, finance, public security, national defense, navigation/aviation, meteorology, as well as surveying and mapping.